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Kontur-SEL was founded in 1993. Our firm is constantly growing with experience and knowledge, the firm increases its capacity by qualified technical staff and is continously ascending its experience, our main objective is to ensure a qualified and stable service and production level.


Our projects aim the full satisfaction of customers and especially with our projects abroad that we announce our country with great pride, our only goal is to develop day by day with our future projects,


Our technical staff maintain the production in the facilities that are full of latest technological devices and follow the worldwide sectoral improvements regulary. Kontur-Sel is currently fabricating SCHÜCO aluminum systems.


Kontur-SEL Co., in its project designs and applications uses aluminum curtain wall systems, structural silicone curtain wall systems, transparent planer system, aluminum sheet and composite panels, aluminum skylights, insulated and uninsulated aluminum doors and windows, manuel and automatic revolving doors, sliding and folding door and façade systems for maintaining its high quality service to the sector.